Pocket WiFi internet device you can use around the UK

A portable WiFi airport is a small and portable device that help individuals connect to the internet through WiFi. It is intended  for travelers, students, and businesses that need to stay connected while on-the-go.

Typically, a portable WiFi airport comes with a USB connector for charging, a rechargeable battery, and a wireless router. Additionally, certain models come equipped with built-in VPN, firewall security, and parental controls. There are several places where portable WiFi airports can be utilised, such as public areas, cafes, and hotels.

How can I get a Portable Wifi Airport?

You can get a portable WiFi airport from several sources. A variety of portable WiFi airports are available for purchase from numerous electronics retailers and internet vendors. Additionally, you may look into solutions from telecommunications or internet service providers, which frequently sell or rent portable WiFi equipment. 

An example of such an internet service provider is Airportwifi. We can have the portable wifi delivered to the airport and you can start using it from the airport, however, you need to place an order 3 days before your start date of hire. We can also deliver to any recognised address in the United Kingdom. You may want to consider hiring a device from us.

portable wifi and charger
Portable WiFi Airport

How much do Rentals Cost?

Depending on the supplier, the model of the device, the length of the rental, and any extra services or features offered as part of the package, the price of renting a portable WiFi airport might vary. A daily fee, a weekly rental rate, or a monthly rental rate are typical rental costs. 

Furthermore, based on data usage, certain ISPs may provide various data plans or tiers that correlate to different leasing fees. It’s advisable to speak with ISPs or rental companies directly to get precise price information as they may offer particulars about rental costs, data plans, and any extra expenses.

However, for Airportwifi our prices range from as low as £ 40.00 for a 1 to 7 days hire excluding the delivery fee of £7.99 (Flat rate). Also, the higher your number of Hire Days, the cheaper it is.


It’s important to get in touch with ISPs directly to learn about their rental possibilities, related charges, and any applicable terms and conditions before considering renting a portable WiFi airport from them.

The cost of renting a portable WiFi airport might vary depending on a number of criteria, including the rental term, provider, and included services. You may get precise and detailed price information as well as information on data plans and other fees by getting in touch with ISPs and rental companies.

If you need further information about our services and want to know more about the portable WiFi airport, do see our contact page and send us an email with your enquiries.