Frequently asked questions

Data related Question

Can I extend my hire/rental?

Yes you can. This would be charged at the same price rate as a brand new hire. Example: if you wish to extend for 1 day, the price would be the same price as 1 day hire.

What amount of internet data do I get?

Your hire package comes with 5GB(5000MB) of data. If you finish your data before the end of your hire, you can use the instructions in your package to activate more data.
Here are the extra data topup prices(2018)

Price Data
£3 500MB
£10 1GB (1000MB)
£15 2GB (2000MB)
£20 4GB (4000MB)
£30 10GB (10,000MB)

Questions or need more than the data listed above? Email us:

How do I add more data when I use-up my data?

If you finish your allocated data, you would automatically be redirected to a page where you can pay for more data.

A green coloured top-up card was supplied with your package. Take it to any shop displaying the green top-up sign (see logo below), or to any food super market like Tesco, Asda, Morrisons
Tell them the amount of money you want to add/put onto the card (see data top-up prices below)

  • Hand over your E top up card for swiping and Pay (don’t forget to get your E top-up card back!)
  • Connect to your device, then go to “ ” (which is the page you would be re-directed to each time you try to access the internet after your data has finished).
  • Click on the “Purchase” link/button located on the top of the page. This would take you to a page with a list of data packages (with “Activate” located next to the packages you can activate).
  • Click on the “Buy” button located next to the data package you have bought credit for

Here are the extra data top-up prices(2018)

Price Data
£3 500MB
£10 1GB (1000MB)
£15 2GB (2000MB)
£20 4GB (4000MB)
£30 10GB (10,000MB)

Do you slow down the speed if I reach my limit?

No, we do not have any daily limit, and NO we do not restrict your speed at all.

Why don't you offer unlimited data?

There really isn’t unlimited data on mobile internet available by any company. Companies that claim to offer unlimited data on mobile internet actually has a daily data limit and can cut you off when you exceed it, or they drastically slow your data down if you use have used more than 200MB* within a 24 hour period ( read their terms & conditions), so their unlimited data comes with restrictions. We do not have a daily limit or intentionally slow down your customers.

Device pick-up related questions

How would I pickup or collect the internet device?

The device is stored with a storage service company at the airport for you to pick up with your ID. The storage company we currently use is Royal Mail post office.Please note, you would need to complete your order through our website before you can pick it up from the airport, we would only reserve the device for you if you have completed your order.

How do I return the device?

A return postage envelope (already paid by us) would be included in your package. So all you have to do is put the device into the envelope, seal it, and pop it into any U.K post box before you depart for the airport. Or can hand the package (using the return postage envelope) over at the counter of the post office located in the airport terminal. There may be a long queue at the post office, so we recommend you send the package back before you depart for the airport. There are red post boxes on almost every street in the United Kingdom, so you can put it into any post box before you go to the airport.

Is the end of hire date the same as the date I should post it back?

The end of hire date is the day before you post the device back to us.

Payment related question

How and when do I get my refundable deposit

The refundable deposit would be paid back into your account (account you used in making your payment)within 7 to 28 days after we have received the wifi device in a good working order (no major damages and in a condition good enough for another client to use the device)

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